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Post  Muso Ken on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:35 pm

(Only include jobs 75+ and relevant subjobs)

SAM BRD @85 (Leeching up WHM ^^)
/drg, /nin(40) /blm(23) /whm

Main job(s) that are geared for use:
(Main jobs are jobs you have specialized in and can bring to use within the shell with appropriate gear sets and merits)

SAM and BRD (no af3 yet)

Main jobs merits/gear sets:
(No need to list actual gear here unless you feel it is very important, just listing the gear sets is enough, but please don't list a set that you don't actually have, an example would be SAM: tp/ws/HNMws/def/magdef/fire resist/subrngws)

SAM – the TP sharing junks is @ 1
BRD – CHR + 3, Finale and Elegy @ -1

Average free time to play?:
(Our events run during GMT primetime between 7pm - 11pm, we have Abyssea Tues/Fri, Farming runs Thurs and NM runs on Sat/Sun)

Saturday/Sunday I’m usually free
Pending the lab schedule I may be able to join some weekdays.

Reasons for wanting to join the shell?:
Inbar keeps telling me to stop being a leech and join for real.

How did you hear about our shell?:

Previous linkshell?:

Further information you feel is important about yourself:
(Add anything here that you feel is important like past experiences in the game or anything else that you think may be worth mentioning)

I’m old friends with Inbar (that hax MNK player you got with you), Xiion (that other dude leeching) and Johndarke (that rng you guys saw once). If they play it online, so do I. We do work.

Muso Ken

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Post  Inbar on Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:20 am

Yep, us four have known each other since our high school days and have been playing the same online games for almost as long. Muso's a very good player with the mindset of higher-level play, and where he's at he's on the cusp of being able to provide very good support in addition to helpful triggers (this goes for my other buddies Xiion and JD as well).


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