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Post  Sr on Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:45 pm

All sub except rdm, only 25

Main job(s) that are geared for use:

Main jobs merits/gear sets:
DRG is decently geared, full merited, 325 polearms skills. It's my main.
I mainly play pld as pld/nin, so i lack the mdb stuff. Other than that, i have a good haste setup. Nothing really fancy, homam, af+1 feet m head...

Average free time to play?:
GMT primetime, and during the week end i'm generaly 100% free.

Reasons for wanting to join the shell?:
Fun mainly. I won't lie i'm also intrested about some stuff. But really all i want is to have fun with nice ppl.

How did you hear about our shell?:
I saw briga doing an abyssea run, and i asked her if she was alone. Then she told me about the shell.

Previous linkshell?:
Sharkattack, wich i lead for few months. Remnants Raiders, and horizon, my einherjar shell.
Further information you feel is improtant about yourself:
Meh, nothing to add really...
Oh yeah, maybe that... Im fr >.>


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Post  Okinoki on Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:39 pm

Welcome to the linkshell! Please give myself, Nokioki or Moridam a tell in regards to getting a pearl.

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