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Post  Agron on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:09 pm

(Only include jobs 75+ and relevant subjobs)

brd, sam, nin , war (all at 80)

sub: whm, dnc (40), black mage(24 but high enough for ES if you wish to ES elegy), rng 22

Main job(s) that are geared for use:
(Main jobs are jobs you have specialized in and can bring to use within the shell with appropriate gear sets and merits)

brd sam nin war all decently geared

Main jobs merits/gear sets:
(No need to list actual gear here unless you feel it is very improtant, just listing the gear sets is enough, but please don't list a set that you don't actually have, an example would be SAM: tp/ws/HNMws/def/magdef/fire resist/subrngws)

brd ( minuet x5, lullaby x5, Troubadour x5, nightingale x5) ( buffing set, debuffing set, mp set if needed to heal)

sam (overwhelm x5, shikikoyo x4, blade bash x1, store tp x5, mediate recast x5) ( tp/ws set decent, haven't done sub rng for a long while, but i do have appropriate gear on it, albeit the gimpy subjob lol)

war ( tomahawk x2 , warrior's charge x5 , savagery x3, beserk recast x2 , aggressor x 3 ) ( tp/ws set decent)

nin ( subtle blow x5 , ninja tool expertise x5, have a few on elemental magic) ( tp/ws/evasion set)

Average free time to play?:
(Our events run during GMT primetime between 7pm - 11pm, we have Abyssea Tues/Fri, Farming runs Thurs and NM runs on Sat/Sun)

I can definitely fit into your vnm schedule without any issues. Abyssea is probably a no since I am currently going with friends to do it.

Reasons for wanting to join the shell?:

Just could never find a shell to do vnm , plus I know quite a lot of people in your shell. (Poshy , mytoy, briga, burne, SR)

Really just here to have a good time killing stuff, drops is very much secondary and bonus for me.

How did you hear about our shell?:
Mainly through poshy, who I do salvage with.

Previous linkshell?:
Current ls= Final chapter, hazymoon, KAS.

Further information you feel is improtant about yourself:
(Add anything here that you feel is important like past experiences in the game or anything else that you think may be worth mentioning)


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Post  Goliathreborn on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:32 am

nice app.

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Post  Poshyy on Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:24 pm

We needs more Brds, spec on Yilbegan/Pixie, Agron is a great Brd and loves playing that role, gets my vote

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Post  Okinoki on Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:16 pm

All aps will be put to a linkshell vote, we will post here shortly. Thank you.

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