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Post  fedia on Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:18 pm

Hi ! i’m fedia, sexy mithra wandering in FFXI and gilgamesh since almost 3 years Very Happy

SAM 77- NIN77 – THF75 – SMN66 – DNC49 - WAR49 - RDM41 - RNG37 - DRK37 - BLM37 - WHM37 - ETC…

Main job(s) that are geared for use:
SAM and NIN are decently stuffed and merited (but just decently tongue )
THF has only the necessary (no TH4) Embarassed

Average free time to play?:
Working on 2X8 so i will probably miss some event certains weeks,interested in VNM,Abyssea, NM, and dynamis if you’re doing it

Reasons for wanting to join the shell?:
I met some of your memebers and seems to be a good spirit there.

How did you hear about our shell?:
Aurela told me about you

Previous linkshell?:
social Ls : Jisatsu, since little kitten
Hls : Sunshine since 2 years

Further information you feel is improtant about yourself:
errr… i’m french ; but promise i’m gonna buy a huge translator :p hope i’ll manage to understand you all…
i'm not really interested having the better stuff, just wanna play and have fun


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