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Post  Inbar on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:47 pm

Mnk, mnk, and...mnk~.

Subs: Nin, War, Thf; working up dnc every so often

Main Job(s) that are geared for use:
Mnk (I would hope)

Main Job(s)' Merits/Gear Sets:
Fully merited/exp'd out; bb/the currently popular ursine+poise combo/mnd/hermes

Average Free Time to Play:
Currently wide-open schedule, may change in a month pending job interview responses

Reasons for wanting to join in the shell:
I've been looking around for an opportunity to get into an abyssea zone boss fight; not really going for any particular drops, I mainly would like the lunar abyssite for the cool points. While asking around Cougarx mentioned I could try talking to Okinoki (or Rowley if Oki wasn't on, which was the case).

Previous Linkshell:
Grankotarna - Social swedish ls; no recent end-game ls history except for KorruptionInc which was way, WAY~ back in the stone age and a few fun runs with Interlopers (also back in the stone age, but a little less so)

Character references: Herock

Further Information:
I've been playing mnk ever since starting out (~6 years ago, I stopped counting after awhile). I understand I don't represent a critical role outside damage, but I think I can offer a few versatile approaches to a fight. I have some abyssea experience running with my small group of rl friends and my social ls (no T2's due to staffing constraints) and a few useful key items collected, including an Atma that I'm dying to try out. Also a bunch of salvage experience, tanking bosses and whatnot for what it's worth.

Thanks for your consideration and hope to meet some of you in-game.



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