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Post  Kyudo on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:03 pm


85 Summoner
Summoner is my only high level job as its the only job I love. Ranger I enjoy a lot but $$ makes it impossible for me to level past 37 Sad


42 RDM, 40 scho, 37whm, 52 BLM and almost all other jobs above 30 but less than 40. I dont play melee jobs.

Main job(s) that are geared for use:


Main jobs merits/gear sets:

Fully merited summoner.
5 Spirit Perpetuation
5 Avatar Magical Attack Bonus
4 Wind Blade
5 Grand Fall
1 Geocrush

MP merit: max
SMN skill : max
Staff: 7/8 (working on last one ^^ )
Critical Hit Rate: 2/4
enmity decrease: 2 /4

Average free time to play?: Currently about 10am->5pm EST almost every day for this semester.

**(Our events run during GMT primetime between 7pm - 11pm, we have Abyssea Tues/Fri, Farming runs Thurs and NM runs on Sat/Sun)

I have college class Thu and Fri 6 to 10pm.

Reasons for wanting to join the shell?:

Not going to sugar coat it. I need to kill Orcus 10 times for Yantok trial. I've never been in an event LS shell nor done high level events. Im an oold character that returned to game after being gone 4+ years and in the past 7 months since my return ive been catching up in expansions, gear and quests. I believe i'm well geared for my build.

I've decided that Yantok will be the only weapon i'll truly quest for and I really, REALLY want it to be the one with +25 (that needs 10 orcus mandibles, 10 bakka wings and 20 lieje lanterns.. the last 2 sets I can purchase from bazaars but orcus is rare/ex so i need help with those and my other LS's dont do VNM's).

... and id love to be in a shell that does abyssea ptys and other neat stuff. ive yet to be in an ls that does those regularly Smile

How did you hear about our shell?:

Ran by one of your LS mates Lionheartx.

Previous linkshell?:
Chillbox, Strive, Umeshu, interlopers, dynamislords.

Further information you feel is important about yourself:

I'm 100% summoner focused. Don't like other jobs, dont have time for other jobs Smile . I'm doing 4 degrees at once at the univ!

A heretic among the heretic mages, I am spirit specialized and love to use them. They'll be brutal @ 99 when they get nukeVI's *evil grin*.


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Post  Lionheartx on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:25 pm

Kyudo was a very nice person and even as much as I love playing my SMN I could come RNG more often if needed with Kyudo around. Plus SMN is a very nice job to have, even more so looking into Kyudos merits - they seem to have a firm grasp of how the job works. ...anyway thumbs up in my book.

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